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small boat raceSmall Boat Race 7 of 8
September 20th

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August 30th

small boat raceSmall Boat Race 5 of 8
July 26th

staff commodores lunch 20142014 Staff Commodores Lunch
July 27th

BBQJuly 4th Pictures and Article

Five things you can do today to keep your boat from catching fire and five things to keep your boat from sinking HERE

updated 4/4/2014
Safety page updated.

There is a new link on the SAFETY PAGE - Tips and best practices for changing your boats engine oil.


As always, please check back to this website and the "Activity Calendar" for any last minute event changes that may occur.

See the complete Ballot and print it here

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

All elective Officers and Board of Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of each year, and shall hold office until their successors are elected.
The Nomination Committee shall be composed of such members in good standing as the Board of Directors may select. The Nomination Committee shall propose and post on the Club bulletin board a slate of Officers and five Directors prior to election. Additionally, any voting member in good standing can propose a nomination for one or more Officers and/or Directors from the floor prior to election. Election shall be by majority of ballots cast by eligible members present. A voting member is any member over the age of 17 with a limitation of 2 voting members per family. When a member cannot attend a voting meeting, he or she may be allowed to vote by a written letter to any Board Member prior to the meeting, or he may request a proxy vote by any Member of the Board on his or her behalf.

      Octoberfest will be at the clubhouse on October 18th.
                            RSVP by October 3rd.
This is absolutely essential to assure that enough food is available for all participants. All information here and in the September newsletter.


 November 8, 2014
The OORAH! Regatta is a sailboat race between the three Naval Sailing
Association Yacht Clubs of Southern California, hosted by the Santa
Margarita Yacht Club and sailed in Capri 16.5s in the Del Mar Marina.
Each yacht club has two boats with two person crew each. Each boat is
raced individually, not as a two boat team. There are 5 races on a triangular
course with a beat and run leg up and down the channel.

This is a great fun day for the club starting out with a continental breakfast
at 0900 for all.        See more here.